Are any of the UQ even worth doing if you're at level cap?


Definitely, I have gotten to the special boss area on the nevarious at least five times, fighting a variety of different bosses. I feel like if you're going to have special areas like that it should guarantee a drop. Not a single one of those and counters gave any good drop at all. How many times have I fought that's silver fox, and multiple times there was two back-to-back, and all he has dropped is the full set of non special gear. 10 minutes later you're in the shopping area and it was a guy wearing a full set good gosh is annoying.

I'd still rather have the secret areas than not, but just like the current ugq quest situation, it really starts killing your motivation when everyone else has an item and it just never drops.

The good thing about the uq's is that you can basically run them anytime you want, there was always teams in there battling for the life and dying over and over again LOL.

@coldreactive I was struggling with quite a few places until I bought my brissa set off player shops. I was dying in 1 or 2 hits. Everything has been a breeze since then though.

@ThankfulTie4925 how on earth are you getting reliable 13 star weapon badges & enough rising badge 2? I don't have enough rising badge 2 for a single item yet and only seen 1 13 star weapon. I been playing pretty heavily since launch too... If I didn't buy every piece of my gear I'd be quite a ways back still, the drop rates in this game are kinda brutal... Money is easier to come by than expensive drops.

@ARKHAM-CANNON For sure. I did a SHAQ a few days ago when the Lightning Tiger popped during a PSE burst so he respawned 3 times...and dropped the same unit set it always drops. I was bent because I want the jet boots and saw a post on reddit where someone got them as a random unknown drop in a UQ. I've gotten the special area after a run about 10 times and have gotten exactly one 12 star weapon...for a class I don't play.