Ok about the female player models "posture"...

I didn't notice this until now, but my female CASTs back arches a lot. Like males backs stand up mostly straight, but my CASTs arches in a really weird way. Is that just how the player model is for females in general, or just some races? If not is there a way to customize it? (Probably not.) This is just bugging me for some reason, my OCD of the day.

Arches back or forward?

Uhh... I'm not sure how to answer that. It arches towards the front of the body? The opposite of hunching forward. It seems it can be edited slightly with the Waist Proportions option in the Salon, but not to the extent of some other characters I've seen. Seems like Human and Deuman females have straighter backs, but Newmans, at least most from what I can see, have the same waist shape. Maybe it's racial?

So like the one on left or right? both are facing to the left


The one on the right.

Thats because cast's boobs are made out of metal and its to try and keep them from falling forward.

Ok... for a moment there you actually seemed like you were trying to help. Can I get a serious answer from someone else please?

That is the default stance for all female player models.

Sorry for making a joke... in this world we can't joke any more I guess.

@AndrlCh said in Ok about the female player models "posture"...:

That is the default stance for all female player models.

If that's the case fine, but at the same time most female Human/Deuman player models I see don't seem to have that kind of arch in their back, or at least not as pronounced. Are those races stances different than Newmans/CASTs? Maybe their min/max waist proportions are different?

Although I could just be blind.

@Hatsodoom that is the main reason I didn't want to recreate my female cast from PSO2 JP, I couldn't stomach looking at them in the character creator for that long, very unnatural and bizarre looking.

Basically gotta always be using an emote/moving to prevent looking strange.

Can confirm, main is a Deuman and has a crazy arched back. Costumes cover it fine.

I made a female Newman on JP and never noticed this, maybe it was the outfit she was wearing back then. It's not that I mind, I was just really weirded out by the difference between gender models. I didn't even notice until today when I was trying out Outer Wear. (The layering outfit thing is super confusing to me.

I remember discussion on this back around JP alpha on how the default female posture gives them scoliosis.