Hi, trying to work out how to actually do damage as a gunner sicne im lvl 75 now, demoralising when your doing 4k a photon atttack while other classes do 50k by pressing one button, so tryign to work out how to make this class work.

So, you do absolutely no damage without chaining, so your entirely situational on only being able to damage bosses, but I cant seem to aim where I want it to, do you always have to use Z to manual aim? Even then, grim barrage does not seem to work with it so doe snot seem so useful.

Also, hitboxes are dodgy as hell. I will BE IN MELLE, shooting with autos to build up chain, then no matter wHat, none of my photon attacks will trigger the chain. Hitting the EXACT same spot, on an immobile enemy.

A lot of bosses seem hard to chain reghardless because they teleport every couple seconds not giving you time to actually get in and hit them int he right place, but thats a bit of learning attack patterns and puire RNG I guess as to what abilities/teleporting they will do.

So back to my maion point, how the hell do I attack the same spot, when the hitboxes just dont register as it beign the same place, best way to aim etc.

(I would normally put this in the Gunner part fo the forum, but it seems the forums are pretty dead and hardly anyone uses them, so guides and help it is)