Now that the events on Lillipa related to the Lillipans have largely come to a close in the story, it's time to talk about what you weren't told about the Lillipans. (There is one more Tower Defense mission coming but the Lillipans don't make an appearance.) The Lillipans on Lillipa are descendants of colonists from the planet Erzimarut. Over time they lost their original language and developed a new one.

Erzimarut itself is not protected from Dark Falz and in fact had one invade their world. The survivors escaped to a space station orbiting the planet. They then created android bodies known as Dark Nix (Fal Nix? NA isn't consistent about this such as with Dark Ragne) and due to how they're constructed they rely on F Factor to maintain themselves and naturally repel Photons. Lien is a Lillipan whom is able to converse with ARKS unlike most other Lillipans and is joined by a character named Akhtar. Akhtar is the holder of the Score, a power that could potentially help in defeating the Dark Falz on Erzimarut.

These events play out in Season 3 of Phantasy Star Online 2es.



Though it seems unlikely should PSO2es get released in the west at some point I will blank this post out.