Possible solution to game not working after reboot

This worked for us after a lot of trial and error.

So after multiple days of dealing with having to download and reinstall the game on my cousins PC I've come to the conclusion that anytime Windows 10 Home edition was our primary operating system the game would lose files upon rebooting and we'd have to repair/reset, download/install them each time we were wanting to play.

The PC's my friends have all build I've given or requested they use Windows 10 Pro 64x and none of them have had any issues.

After testing a clean install of windows 10 home and installing I was running into the same issues as stated above, only after installing Windows 10 Pro 64x I was able to play the game without any hitches after rebooting.

I'm not sure what the correlation is or what causes it but that was what worked for me and any of my friends that had issues with the game.

Hope this helps anyone out there.

That's worth noting if it's right. I did use Home version as well, and had that problem(fine now with Tweaker). Might be interesting to collect more data on this.

If anyone is willing to share which operating system they're having issues on that would be greatly appreciated, just hoping to help as many people out with this issue as possible.

I'm running Windows 10 pro 64bit and after playing the past 2 days fine it won't open today so I'm using the file checker right now

I'm using Pro 64bit and did have a hitch on the 2nd day where I had to do all sorts to get back into the game. But since then it's loaded fine