Game uninstalled but 70gb still taken up on HDD

Dear all, I downloaded the game, patched and it went well. I launched the game, I encountered a Gameguard 114 error. Thinking that I have too many applications opened and closed in that session, restarting the PC is the best option. And so I did.

After I restarted, the game is no longer there. No shortcut and no PSO2 files when I searched on HDD. However, near 70gb is still taken up by something. Now that the game is gone, I cannot even attempt to uninstall it.

Any PC pros can help? I do not want to play the game any more but I do want my 70gb back. Any tips will be much appreciated!


Hi all, Ive searched and fixed this problem. Sharing here so as to help others who are facing the same problem.

You need to download Treesize here: Next, run Treesize as administrator. Load up the drive where you installed PSO2 and look for WindowsApp. You can drop down the folders and look for folders that have the same date as your installation, should be a 11gb and a 58gb folders. Delete them and recover the space back.

All right, Im done here, spent a good few unproductive hours on this. Good riddance to this game.

Thanks for the tip. This game is a cancer that is eating away people's computers.