hey guys was looking for some help with a few quests

does anyone know of a website i can use to look up certain quests/daily orders? theres not much explanation in game on where to go for some of these things.

im trying to get my skill rings and i cant find anything on google telling me where things like wopal rocks / seabed tanzanite / lambda grinder /forest emerald

also cant find anything on how to complete the quest "try cooking" i think i have to harvest tomatoes but i cant find any info on google, same thing for "try making a ring"

Gathering materials (used for cuisines and rings) are obtained from Gathering nodes that appear in Expeditions; these nodes should be available as soon as you enter Franca's Cafe. Rocks can be mined from any Expedition that matches the Planet that is named (ex. Wopal Rock can be mined from Coast, Seabed, or Facility), and Gems can be mined in the matching Expedition (ex. Forest Emerald can be mined in the Forest Expedition). Here is a list of where to find each material: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Gathering

You can "cook" (ie. buy) cuisines from one of the NPCs in Franca's Cafe, and you can "create" (ie. buy) Skill Rings from another NPC also in Franca's Cafe.