Personal Shop Filter

Hi there,

Would it be possible to pass on a couple suggestion regarding the personal shop to the dev team?

It would be great if you gave the option to players to filter out specific items from the product search pages. I am getting frustrated of trying to look through all the options we have available. It gets tiring trying to look through the list of hundreds of the same item at different price ranges for new things on the market. If possible, it would be great if we could right click an item and have an option to 'Exclude (Insert specific item name) from list'.

Also; it would e great if we were able to go from the Search Product page to that item specific page, so it lists all the same ones, with all the prices like we see when we do a specific search. In the state it is in now, we have to back out, insert the specific name into the search bar, then search. having to write down the name so we don't lose it, is a bit annoying.

Thank you! I did a quick search on personal shop filters, but saw nothing. so I made a new thread. It would make looking at the personal shop window much easier with a few extra functions. thanks!

Not going to happen since...

  1. There are already filter options.
  2. When you click the "Search" button right of the text box, it suggests item names.

Yes, but I was talking in terms of the general search filter while in a list.

For example, you're trying to look at options you have to wear as a basewear. You leave the exact match alone. but under the Category settings, you set it to layering wear, basewear, female basewear, then search.

You're given that list of 20 pages. I doubt everyone will know every name and how each outfit looks. So they search through this list to see what options are available on the current player market.

They have to skim through pages and pages of the same items. I'm suggesting giving us an option to remove those same products from that list while we're on it.

Say we do find something we like while on this search menu. We have to write down the name somewhere. back out, then do an 'exact search' for that, doing what you mentioned. but it would be nice if we were able to go to that list of the same items, from that page we were looking through. Because it's possible to skim through a cheaper price when you notice it later. For example, I bought a snowman for 180k for my personal quarters. then did another search to get another. there was multiple for 100-120k.

Because not everyone goes to a website to see how outfits look, with their names on it. Even if they did, there's no guarantee that it's on the market. the market only shows stuff that are for sale.