How to trade 13 star weapons?

Like the title asks. I know how to sell. I used the cancel registration pass, but I still can't figure out how to trade the item. Any help or info would be great

You initiate trades through the Nearby Characters menu, and both people involved in the trade must be Premium.

@AndrlCh we are both premium. When in the trade window the item isn't in the list of tradable items. Is there something else that I need to do besides cancel registration?

@NeoMaverick1212 Only other thing I can think is that the item might be locked.

@AndrlCh would it have a lock symbol anywhere in the graphic? It was the new nemesis wand if that helps

@NeoMaverick1212 It would be on the icon in your Inventory, like this:

alt text

But you would have had to have manually locked it yourself for it to be there.

@AndrlCh oh lol that lock. I thought there was a different symbol like on the AC items

13* weapons are weird in that they're listable on player shops but they're also direct trade locked for.. whatever reason. It's like this on JP as well.

It's not very convenient, to say the least.

20200607_231459.jpg )

Hopefully this works and I see the icon

The cancel ownership pass will only work on items with a rarity below 12-star, sadly. So you're stuck with an item with a "Do Not" or "No" Symbol if they're above that rarity.

@coldreactive for shame. Thank you for the info