Alt + Enter usage is eating chat messages

Using alt + enter to utilize line breaks in chat messages (and elsewhere you can type) is just making the game eat the message instead and nothing appears.

I dont think I need to say anything else, try it and you'll see.

Even if you copy/paste in a message with a line break, the message is eaten when you attempt to send it.

It's clear that the game forbids line breaks.


Also it's been quite the few years since I played in the Japanese server and I am uncertain if that happened there, I want to say it didn't and it worked but not sure so if anyone here has played on it recently and can see do tell.

Just tested on JPN. Alt+Enter does properly make a line break.

So it was as I suspected that the NA version magically broke it.

Thanks for the info.

You know I just realized I can't type Japanese either, simply typing say 日本語 gets me the exact result as this problem, or any text from other languages.

I got a message board today and this is... lol alt text alt text

Basically I used a line break as instructed and that makes it think I typed nothing (the same thing that happens when you use a line break in chat)