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Not gonna use this thread anymore

I like your name. Played Trials of Mana earlier last month. Good luck!

Sorry to bump this, but I've been trying to get members and still haven't had any luck. I've been playing as my CAST Vaalanna lately, so if you've seen them post symbol art adverts for the alliance that's me too lol, I'm still the only person in my alliance.

Since my bump got buried almost immediately gonna do another one.

Guess I gotta do another one already page 2.

I don't think anyone will be interested but I'm going to bump again anyway. I tried everything, but people seem to literally just make an alliance and get people immediately meanwhile I've been trying for a while but no one is ever interested.

Maybe if I bump closer to when I actually get online idk.

my alliance seems to have died and im on HST timezone so id love to join 😄

sigh Still not having any luck, I keep seeing new alliances get members and I wonder how. I've tried everything I could think of to get people for mine. If you would rather contact me with discord I'll post my discord tag here too. VerdantCross#5152

Oh ok so I still have to send people an invite if they apply in game. I wasn't sure how that worked but now I do. I though one of the checkboxes would have made them able to immediately join, but it doesn't.

Bump Bomp

Got a couple members (that actually send messages, not that I had other members anyway, I removed ones I used to have a while ago, because they haven't been on in forever and never said anything) now, lets keep this up.

Oof one of them left, welp I'm still gonna try anyway.