Share Your Look

I can't even locate the Steam Overlay option and even though my screenshots are in the Steam file, I can't upload my screenshots to Steam.

@LazerRay In before someone says "just use Reddit."

I have tried using Reddit to post screenshots of another game, that site is a clunky mess and a pain to search for the right topic

I've realised that I've never shown my look here, so I'll do that now.





@Rei-Murasame Could you post a screenshot using your profile picture? It looks so real, I'm curious now.

Noctis somewhere in the Cleigne region pso20211005_221426_059.jpg ! Cursed ring pso20211005_224833_010.jpg Greyshire Glacial Grotto, it is cold pso20211005_222531_077.jpg Camp training pso20211005_225523_019.jpg But where is Gladio, Ignis, Promto????

ehh, who care, i have food pso20211005_220521_024.jpg

Today I have normal ish arms pso20211014_005253_000.jpg

Freestyle Bouncer 🌈


An idea of a generic techter npc look:


My brain is in nostalgia mode for Sailor Moon and I could never find any of the DVDs to watch it as a kid.

These parts are a nightmare to align for movement. So here's my new CAST build for now:

pso20211024_023008_003.jpg pso20211024_023024_004.jpg