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Here's what I managed with what I have available to me right now. I don't have poses or other effects, so a plain standing shot is all I can offer:


I'm trying to go for some summer theme for the accessories, so I'm still working out where to place all the bright colors.

Fidde Cap is so freaking adorable. Yet it's a pain to locate a correct angle for some CAST toned twintails.

pso20210707_153628_006.jpg pso20210707_153810_007.jpg pso20210707_153941_008.jpg


@Weirdo Kitty maid! Super cute! 😊

Does anyone know how to get a color change pass that works with PSO NG items? I have hundreds of them for PSO2 items but the game doesn't accept them for PSO2 NG items.

You need N-Color Change Passes.

@Weirdo said in Share Your Look:

You need N-Color Change Passes.

Ok how do get them?

I think they have given one from free login bonus so far.

N-Color-Changes passes come from AC scratch bonuses or day 21 of the login stamps on the premium track.

Oh it was a premium one. Well guess free players have to wait until N-Mission Pass.

My premium is about to run out soon and I won't be able to reload it for a while, so I will be in the same boat, and hope they give out N-Color passes with the fashion items in the new Mission Pass.

So I took crawford's place cause, the guy lacks enthusiasm! 07-07-2021_20-41-07-2dl5ngep.png 07-07-2021_20-41-04-2rb4k1b5.png

Ship Three Party Block. pso20210708_221600_015.jpg

Sitting on a bench with BP alliance members. pso20210709_002241_001.jpg

Glow defect: pso20210709_023535_000.jpg