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I tried to get my CAST to dress a bit like Finni from Dragalia Lost.

I think all I did was add more Edge Lord to some sort of hidden backstory to all her robotic parts. 🤣

The feet wheels drop down a floor layer when standing in some places, but look just fine while hovering.


Would be interesting if Cygames ever did a collab item like that with SEGA, but it'll probably never happen with the way the app market is in terms of Loot Boxes.

Adjusting the blue shade to be closer to Frame Arms Girl Stylet. It's pretty hard.


It's not quite a cosplay, and it's not accurate to either Finni or Stylet.

Hmm... is this a Halfplay?


Its your own take on the same style, so it works

2021-03-28_14-58-05-260_Neneko_Akihabara Basic.png 2021-03-26_08-39-17-364_Neneko_Embrace Bokeh.png 2021-03-18_17-06-29-132_OMGEorzea.png aight all can i say is enjoy it as much u can o wo

Had my Auxiliary try on the Wilca Head CV.

Mini Maid Ranger, go!



Me and Sarcophageist posing in the lobby.


shuten douji_opt.png Assassin_Shuten-douji_1_opt.png My last cosplay before NGS... maybe i wanna do ibaraki douji cosplay

I found out how the Maris Hat looks atop Opt Leon Hood. It's the perfect amount of size adjustment fail to be adorable.


Playing around with the Opt Leon Cape and some hair and eye colors.

pso20210428_223257_003.jpg pso20210428_223546_005.jpg

Yup. This level of gear detail should still look good in NGS.

Close Up.jpg Sitting.jpg Mobility.jpg Cool Pose.jpg

I've been wearing starter gear since the NA launch, so I'm pretty excited that I finally managed to get a decent look going before New Genesis. 🤓

Trying on the Mission Pass goggles.

If CASTs get Legs with wheels on the feet in NGS, I might end up replacing the current wheels accessory with this.


@MasterDarkwingz It would be nice if they update all the collab based CAST parts, since in Frame Arms Reloaded there were parts and outfits that had wheels in the feet (both the male and female Stylet sets and outfits).


The only way I could see Kotobukiya agreeing to a rehash and add additional NGS exclusive models, is if SEGA gives them the green light for a new model kit series they can split the bill on as well.

Stylet AIS was released in 2018. Reprints are usually a no-go unless it's a new alternative color collaboration deal.