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I've had a bunch of looks but this is the most recent

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Ready for the holidays!

Thought I should share an outfit made with FTP gear that anyone can make with collaboration AC Scratch items off the Player Shops. pso20201120_004000_000.jpg pso20201120_004618_002.jpg

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I forgot looking at camera is a thing. ( /ce on )

And facial expressions ( /fc# )

@SuperND420 said in Share Your Look:

@coldreactive ahem....


Oh, you want to see more?

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Not enough for you?


We need more sleeveless outerwear

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CAST girls are so wonderful, her hair glows! I also managed to make Ballooned Bosom B work, it’s a pretty good match in most lighting except hands.

@yukotin Sebastian?? Is that you??

@Milk lovely! Are you using GShade here?

@GM-Beemo pso20201029_152806_002.jpg my old look , dont have latest :((


TY. Nope, I don’t use anything. It’s just a shot from my alliance quarters near the pool zoomed in near a pillar.

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(Sorry for the bump) my lewd mage alt. This outfit clips like crazy with any movement but it’s just so good. Once again wearing bodystocking and white makeup here to match the funbags, you’ll see the clothing texture of the bodystocking close up. It absolutely doesn’t match without these things.