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alt text Felt it was high time Alchemor got an upgrade. Though I know nothing about Zone of Enders, I did base a bit of his design off some of the mecha there.


Awww cutie! I have that dress too but in ruby, it’s just darling.

The new scratch is just full of treasures.

My two favorite characters got a new look today.

My main

alt text

My favorite alt

alt text

Finally have a space cape fitting of a CAST. It clips with the arms and tail thing a bit. Wondering if I should return it to the butt wings instead. pso20201108_173132_005.jpg pso20201108_170612_004.jpg

Which body is that one?

A4987E92-C4E4-4560-8DE7-4622A3EE2CC5.jpeg My attempt at a maid looking style without buying the actual maid costume 8E59CBF5-13C7-4FDB-AC47-372BEC6CC8B0.jpeg His protector 😀 2E376590-87AB-4E25-A03A-77572D841101.jpeg Up close 11BE816E-9C43-42BB-B63E-47FB27E8AAF0.jpeg A bit far

This just shows that you can look cool without buying any SP nor AC! Just with Meseta

Refreshing an old outfit. pso20201109_185606_002.jpg Screenshot_10.jpg

Also, schoolgirl CAST.


Next outfit contains some Scratch items you can buy off the Personal Shop. pso20201109_192151_005.jpg pso20201109_192238_006.jpg Screenshot_11.jpg

Got myself some new outfits from Designer Dreams 2:

pso20201111_175822_158.jpg pso20201111_164915_078.jpg pso20201111_183500_003.jpg

I got some Flank Wings to go with the Mechanical Cape: