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My Knight from PSO2JP that I want to recreate in the NA version once PC is released. Morneth.jpg

Best game ever!!! 😻 😸 ♥ EQSWqYvXsAUJKAY.jpg

my look is Ravenwood 🙂alt text alt text

Thank you guys for an awesome beta!

Here is my character's look alt text


I forgot to take a proper close up photo during the beta, so this was the best I got.

Otherwise on JP, I made a myriad of characters over the years but I mainly use the one on the first pic

tumblr_piug3l1mHI1u2nvjgo1_1280.png tumblr_obxx9uUDqZ1u2nvjgo1_1280.png

2-9-2020_8-13-09_PM-rmg2cjum.png Minna the Ranger is ready for duty!

EQgpxPZWAAALQMp.jpeg Couldn't play the NA beta, but here's my character from the JP version!

So I didn't take time to take a proper pose and fancy pic, but I snagged this quickie with my friend and Alliance member Midori Oku! 2-10-2020_4-08-56_AM-aa2qyaz4.png and I figure why not share one of my favorit JP Pso2 pics too, bunny suits are great! Yes this is also my profile pic here lol. thundabunnyimgur.png

Was prepping a few character preset files to not waste 3h in character creator once Open Beta launches. This is gonna be my Deuman in NA (once all accessories release ofc)

alt text

Yes, it is a Merunyaa cosplay. Spent a good amount of time on it.

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This is my summoner. I love this class! My favorite summoner class Ive played so far.


Ooh she's a cutie!

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Love it! Got a Sub-Zero look to it!

💕 💞 💝 Happy Valentines Day 2020!💝 💞 💕 pso20200214_125826_046.jpg

Realized I never posted my character here so ^^; : akina.png akina2.png akina3.png