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This is my darling character May! I love her an awful lot, and the Sakura blossoms in Franca's Cafe are just... phenomenal.

Back for another installment!

The AC scratch RNG was feeling generous after maintenance, so the Braver outfit got changed early: oooh, blue

...and then there's The Stylin' Scrapper--you lookin'ta start somethin'?! No, ma'am!

A Leaf in the Autumn Breeze really compliments these outfits...

@PrsnOfDsntrst yes it does congratulations on the rng ^^

@PrsnOfDsntrst Where did you get those Katana weapon camos :o?

EWLC64NX0AgnOue~3.jpeg Shooing away all them pesky JP posters while lobby ratting the Wild Wild NA

@PhantomJmoney75 photon booster exchange look at the very bottom of the list

@23Alvaro clean af, had to say it

Very much looking forward to future style releases--need more variation in the lobbies...

Anyway, the average-effort leveling moves into the Urban Huntress stage: is that a parking meter?

...positioning the ribbons was quite the exercise. Rotate? more like interactive translate. Also disappointed that both Cellular camos end up looking something like a walkman on your backside 😞

@SaviorZero82 said in Share Your Look:

On ship 1 my cast


She looks ready to dominate some poor soul. 💜

@SaviorZero82 said in Share Your Look:

@PhantomJmoney75 photon booster exchange look at the very bottom of the list

Yasssssss! Thank you for the info and also loving your Cast outfits as well 😊

@PhantomJmoney75 thanks and NP

@coldreactive lol I will take that as a complement ^^

4-23-2020_2-35-50_AM-klufld2h.png So when i woke up and checked the fresh finds shop, I was thinking oh boy burger meme's, please let me find an arks rappy suit today, and sure enough I got one, so here is my burger suit, never face end game content alone! or hungry!

save_0~2.png not fair NA doesn't have same SS ability as JP yet 😧