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As much as I like this hairdo, it probably won't be used if Braver SG Scratch doesn't have secondary colors.

The blue is still one of the defaults.


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Quick shot, hair reminded me of unicorns

Felt bored. Thought that I should try on some Bunni Ears instead of Frame Arms BASELARD G Headgear. pso20210802_224822_000.jpg

Baselord G Headgear is basically metal bunny ears

I touched a fellow Etoile model CAST. 😳 pso20210804_163848_002.jpg

@MasterDarkwingz They need to bring the LookBook into NGS, I get a lot of comments from my Liner CAST set, too bad it is hard for you to see it outside of screenshots since we are on different ships.

I lightened the hair a bit so I could see the texture instead of super blue of Etoile. pso20210804_192722_013.jpg

I'm not laughing at the idle I just went broke for... I swear. 😆 pso20210804_194221_019.jpg

My internet went down a lot. So here's a double hat Rappy post. pso20210805_022613_001.jpg pso20210805_023310_002.jpg Self censoring a shitpost became a meme.

Going to say this here, but FINALLY a NGS outfit that I really like.

I want to like it but I'm shoe-picky, even in real life. I wish I could make the sandals completely flat.

Anyone want to see Wolverine eating a popsicle? Ship 3 has you covered.


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Snagged a maid outfit for cheap, never owned this one from FF

Waiting for maidkini and more maid hairbands. Hoping to see some CAST version of the maid/butler gear.

Here's the light reflection of Cartoon Eyes at night: pso20210813_014226_000.jpg

Finally fixed face to "good enough" and I played around with the bathing suit to make it look like a cheesy 90s impractical "ninja" adventurer outfit. Off to save the world from evil!

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