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Cute little kitty.

pso20210716_183308_000.jpg I'm pretty bad at this whole screenshot thing but I'll be damned if this hairstyle revival scratch hasn't been a blessing for a lot of my older outfits. Hope we get more of these down the line tbh

Cat be grumpy there.

I hope the two added cats stay in town after the event ends.

So I found out that classic hair has black shading, while NGS has the white glossy shading.

That's the only difference you'll be paying AC or N-Meseta for is that light reflection and graphics overhaul with looser hair strands.

Some adjustments: pso20210716_161704_005.jpg pso20210716_161514_004.jpg

Comparison to default Di Allez Head. pso20210716_174000_001.jpg pso20210716_174248_002.jpg

Zola Hair with graphical defect. This honestly shouldn't even be happening with the classics.

Unless the GV effect is somehow being picked up... which this isn't a GV item.

Ludmila Head on the other hand, is absolutely an unlabeled GV.

Same light reflection defect. Not sure what's going on. pso20210716_150013_000.jpg


Ooh I need that reshade filter! My screenshots are always bad.


Your hairstyle & color is perfectly matched with the outfit. I have that outfit, too, while I don't have any hairstyle fit on that.

I played PSO2 just for several months. The revival scratches let me have a chance to get back most of the goodies from the base game... I just have to say goodbye to my money...


The cat looks angry! XD


I hope to have cat minion or pet that can following you around just like the other MMO 🙂


I think it's a lighting bug when the light source is swamping too fast? Sometimes it happens in the salon too.


You can try it. I am using this one:

It's made for FFXIV; however, it also supports PSO2/NGS too.

@Linux said in Share Your Look:


I hope to have cat minion or pet that can following you around just like the other MMO 🙂

That would be amazing to have.


Thanks for the link! I’ll have to use it in FFXIV, too. I want to see Fat Cat with this bright and colorful shading!


A bit out of topic, here are the GShade screenshots I took for my FFXIV house. You can take a look. 😬


Fun Tip:

You can do SS weapon pose emotes the old fashioned way with hotkeys.

Or you can dedicate some time on-scene to getting that hand pose correct.

Add a weapon camo and equip your weapon in order to adjust the sheathe position for close-ups.

However, there is still a noticeable lack of rotation adjustment.

Sometimes, bigger hands really do come in handy.

pso20210718_014000_004.jpg pso20210718_013956_003.jpg pso20210718_013848_002.jpg pso20210718_014125_005.jpg

Swapped my cyan Viola Magica for an N-Viola Magica setwear and innerwear (both of which I promptly color changed to cyan), and my Base Hair 16 for Luminess Hair. Weapon Camo is Solaris.pso20210714_234357_000.jpg

So I tried out Wand with Fo/Tech, and I'm wondering how a Katana/Wand multi will function when I go Fo/Bra.

This is so rad for space elf theme that I'm probably going to keep my multi types based on a different range basis.

The best part is that I don't even have to wait for Soaring Blades to look epic.

Screenshot_78.jpg pso20210718_032535_010.jpg pso20210718_032546_011.jpg pso20210718_032656_014.jpg pso20210718_032645_013.jpg pso20210718_032619_012.jpg