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I may as well share my char from the JP version too:

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Not his usual OU but I wanted some SG for the storage and it was super cheap on the player stores and it's similar enough. Hopefully the Itsuki casual outfit will be on the NA servers because I want a casual basewear that's got a light blue shirt and blue jeans (also hope the SeHa Girls accessories and FFXIV stuff are going to be on the servers). Sorry Beemo, I did edit the pic a bit to add some DOF but I hope it's ok as this could probably even pass for an eC ESRB rating lol.


May is such a cutie. I love her!!! (Can't wait for the bunny ears on Easter though!! 👀 EThZnq3XsAA6hRM.jpg

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Lucky for me one of the first fresh finds costumes was one I had in JP

3-20-2020_12-27-35_AM-nyf2fjqx.png 3-20-2020_2-11-07_AM-cjsb0zig.png 2 new characters Sonic, and Crazy Taxi!

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2 new characters Sonic, and Crazy Taxi!

Make sure to get something like the mestan shooter camo or Clotho's TMG camo from the casino for Crazy Taxi to represent "cah-raaazy money!"

Y'all didn't give me any masks or helmets so I had to make one. alt text

@SirDoodlesAlot LOL. Also, you can get some after you finish the tutorial.

image4.jpg image6.jpg

Me and a Friend made new characters, Tranquility (Blue hair) and Athena (Purple hair). 😍

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remember in ship 2 there was the bird lady running around? yup. that's me

planning to recreate it once PC version comes out but i hope it is not going to cost me 1 year worth of TACO grinding just to get all of it again since all of the pieces are 50-80m back then

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@Aviarei I just wanted to say your and your friends look really good! I'm surprised with how old this game is, screenshots from this game look very high definition and really detailed. Are you using reshade or anything?

It's tier 6 graphics, which was introduced in --wow-- 2016 when the game was added to the PS4. Still holds up extremely well, and I think it would be great for SEGA of JP and Microsoft to team up with respect to creating another HD graphics pack when the Xbox One X and PS5 come out later this year.

This Battlefield Butterfly is ready and willing to drop a lv10 Sattelite Cannon on every big-baddie in range!



I think I'll call this one Perforation Princess?

also, bootstrapping other classes is how its done!



New look from PSO Episode 1 🖤 😺 Claire Red Ringo.jpg