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2021-01-21_15-41-45-726_rtx_Sakura small.jpg

Credit: Maria (Ur Ship)

Chilling in the lobby.


Spotted a UFO in the lobby quite a few days ago!


This next scratch has things I've been waiting for. I can hardly wait to show it off.

@CalvinaCoulange I'm waiting on next month's Mission Pass, tbh.

I'm trying out a flat chest, but the proportions don't feel right.

I guess this is the brain's internal human factor detector at work, because I can't quite seem to find adjustments I like with my current plethora of parts.

sigh Male CASTS sure have it easy!


@Charus said in Share Your Look:

Character Screenshot.jpg

Very nice! That’s my favorite hairstyle

@Milk Yeah, I know right, this hairstyle is very awesome, I have a huge thing for the long hair aesthetic.

Updated my looks just a bit. Planning on swapping out the Legs later this month as I clear Tiers on the Mission Pass.


Also my new Friend Avatar has two of the three level 100 classes I leveled today.


Changed the Friend Avatar a bit for a new look:



a66918ce-0f93-4c66-ae32-2411e0b225d5-image.png 3276b4d0-b377-4d74-80f1-e26ea8e72cdd-image.png f882f64a-04f9-4811-b992-cbfba6e4abb9-image.png we have a new addition to the family

I got rid of the newbie ear accessory for something more girly to match the maid accessories.


I made major edits to one of my Auxiliaries inspired by Tamaraneans. Should be an alien enough palette for PSO2.

Oranges and yellows don't quite mix well, so I had to do reverse coloring for the hair.