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I feel "Assert dominance" from this. I'm not sure if I should be into that

2LS9Ilq - Imgur.png v3v47xlugr361.png

Thanks @Anarchy-Marine

Giving the Ludmila Head some shade adjustment.


Preview of how it glows compared to other glowy gear: pso20201209_195126_006.jpg

Decided to preview the Etoile uniform colors after Comcast died again:

pso20201210_031924_003.jpg pso20201210_031328_000.jpg pso20201210_031524_002.jpg

I love the old colors so much! It's difficult to decide on replacing it.

The color shades, for anyone else interested in Etoile themed recreations. Screenshot_22.jpg

Apparently the white is actually very faintly green, but my eyes are either tricking me in different lighting, or I really am colorblind.

I had to check the panties area and can confirm, it's very faint green. Can't seem to find the pure white.

Found the pure white in the middle. Here's the finalized look: pso20201210_040617_005.jpg

Lobby screenshot from yesterday: pso20201210_134031_036.jpg

No one:

Absolutely no one:

Me: Matching butt sticker from FUN Scratch!


Also Me: Screw healing items. It's a hardcore search in the inventory, because I don't know how to swap Sub-Palettes. 🤣


pso20201212_041235_003.jpg pso20201212_041243_004.jpg

So these are all four of my characters, updated.

Claud Strife, a combination of Claude Kenny, and Cloud Strife, and very much a work in progress. Also my Hunter/Etolie


Followed by Raven Bloodmoon, which was heavily inspired by Kurumi Tokisaki from Date Alive, and Rory Mercury from Gate. My Phantom


Followed by my attempt to re-create Meracle Chamlotte from Star Ocean The Last Hope. Still trying to find a closer hairstyle. She is my main, my Bouncer/Fighter.


And lastly Luna Chamlotte, partially an original character, the made up older Sister of Meracle. My Braver/Phantom.


All four ever changing as new cosmetic items release, as I always tweak and refine their looks each time something that is closer to my intended look releases.

Edit: Forgive the quality of the photos. Microsoft messed up their Xbox app, and direct downloading my captures is completely impossible, so I had to capture a screenshot of a screenshot with my tablet, which resulted in lower resolution, and overall loss of quality.


I like Raven a lot!

Updated my Friend Avatar with this stylish set.

pso20201216_141144_001.jpg pso20201216_141204_002.jpg Screenshot_37.jpg