Share Your Look

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These are my most used characters. The floating CAST girl is my new main. I have eleven characters total but I’m still working on their looks. All doing their favorite poses!

2 of my Alts. Looking fresher thanks to the throwback Collection. alt text alt text

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A Persocom costume just in time for Halloween! (Please give me Chobit ears, Sega, this was really hard)

Playing dress up with my Auxiliary Cosmic League.

pso20201026_145448_001.jpg pso20201026_145617_004.jpg

@MasterDarkwingz I started a thread similar to this one, but for showing of a player's auxiliary.


Took me a few tries to figure how to post image, sorry.

My Techer Paladin


Winter time 2020-10-27_01-49-34_OMGEorzea.png

Keeping up with the cast of heroes! Our Guardian looks like an npc herself.