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Dressing up my Auxiliary in a new Mission Pass outfit. pso20200904_195633_010.jpg

Playing around, waiting for the weather to change. pso20200905_221748_004.jpg

From Ship 1 ? come and like my lookbook if you like it ! 😄 (Karnation) Kitsune1.1.png Kitsune1.2.png ! Kitsune (2).png

@Seedeus I know your "trap" character is gone, but do you remember the name of the tail item and where it came from?

I missed the season with the fox ears, hopefully they come back up or I find them in the player market, since a set of fox ear and a single tail will complete my auxiliary, since she is supposed to be a single tailed kitsune.

alt text

This thread needs more CASTs. I'm fairly proud of how Alchemor turned out.

@Thedovahmon I still need to find more accessories for my CAST character, it will just take time and luck, I did manage to get a good set of parts out of the Mission Pass system

Another Mission Pass season, another set completion.


The Twitter screenshot:


I just realized that I was photobombed! XD

Strap in, this is going to be a long one. Not even my BF can keep up anymore.

Fair warning I spend way too much time on these things to the point of getting featured by the actual games on social networks. Happened with BnS, BDO and RevO. No filters were used, only cropping.

  • Fresh off the Character Creator. So innocent. So hopeful.

(I screwed up my MAG so I had to delete my character and remake him, but fortunately I saved the presets.)

alt text

  • Um, there was a phase. Cheap + looked good with one of my favourite weapon skins "A Leaf in the Autumn Breeze".

alt text

  • I thought my boyfriend would be playing too so I made myself all cutesy. But no, it was not meant to be. I was raised on SEGA, he was raised on Nintendo. Some things never change. And yes of course my MAG skin was Clarita during this stage. I'd tell you how to pull this look off without any pants and petite looking feet on a male, but then I'd have to kill you. 😄

alt text

  • Since boyfriend didn't join I got sick of looking like an immersion breaking lil shit and we arrive at our current look. Exoskeleton legs to move around faster and jump higher (not really but that's the goal of the look). Simple white trousers and V-neck t-shirt with a black hoodie with yellow detailing to balance with the exoskeleton legs. Cydstrid weapon skin because I like looking like I'm gonna go fight the TEETANS during the Harukotan Urgent Quest. Chat MAG because I like cats. Sue me.

  • I also repurposed my Instagram Account that I never used into a sort of post-Episode 4 pseudo roleplay account? Basically, in character posts. It gives me something to do with all the screenshots I take.

alt text

alt text

Bonus round, since I still haven't decided if these will end up on Instagram

  • Tried to make cat ears work. Made cat ears work. My boyfriend is however forever heartbroken at how fucking ripped my character is even with minimum muscle mass. Never in my life did I expect to hear him say "ew, put a shirt on!"

alt text

  • He had a major crush on the P5 protag and since the outfit was at like 1000k meseta the other day I got it and sent him this screenshot. He was almost tempted to actually come and play the game. Almost. Should have put some glasses on damn it!

alt text

And that's it! I'm done! for more screenshots, eventually when I'm not being a lazy ass, check out my character's Instagram. While you're there maybe see who I'm following for other fellow PSO2 characters with screenshot accounts! We are not as few as you'd think!

@敗者 Not to drive the thread off topic, but PSO2 JP has Nintendo Switch connectivity.

SEGA has plans for more platforms, but Global is currently "close to home" for the moment.

I imagine late 2021 or close to NGS release would be more convenient for Switch release, graphics and upgrades considered.

You have a very cute K-pop vibe of a character! Very trendy. I hate cats, for if I liked them, my allergies and asthma would kill me.

Chilling with the Revelations Alliance in the lobby. pso20200917_152023_013.jpg

@MasterDarkwingz said in Share Your Look:

@敗者 Not to drive the thread off topic, but PSO2 JP has Nintendo Switch connectivity.

Ah, that would be great if it was already implemented in the West. I tried the JP servers many times, the game just isn't playable from my location. The ping is slow enough to do frame-by-frames.

But maybe it's best. He really, really doesn't like how the bare hands and feet of non-cast races look at the moment. Something more polished might respark his interest.

You have a very cute K-pop vibe of a character! Very trendy. I hate cats, for if I liked them, my allergies and asthma would kill me.

Fffssss thanks 💕 but in all honesty I really dislike the industry and how they treat their people. The only things still in my library are BIG BANG, SHINee, 2NE1 and some solo projects. I don't pay attention to anything else as to not support the way companies treat their workers. I understand the allergies, it's a shame, but I understand 100% I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

sakura blossoms | art adds joy to the living | an eternal spring


( /uioff native capture at 3440x1440 - available for requests/commissions of high resolution shots ]

Trying out the ARKS Blazer with Xion Hair and Mikoto Corsage with a few MP items.


I finally got my Kitsune lady's look finalized. Yes, she has two Kitsune tails on, and one's at max size, the other is rotated a bit and whatnot.

alt text

The Fox Ears I had to buy from a player shop for nearly 140 Million Meseta. The wisps, outerwear, kitsune tails I all got from scratches. The hair cost me nearly 14 Million.

She's a big, tall cuddly floof that will hug and let you use her lap as a pillow:

alt text

A shot of her sitting down:

alt text

Still working on a proper look for my main Oia Vilet, but she requires bosom/cleavage showing in an office suit. With a pencil/office skirt.