Share Your Look

Due to the twitter event took some pics of one of my characters, sharing here too.

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me in my battle attire

save~2.png Here's Mines. This is an oldie but definitely a goldie

My Beautiful boy has come such a long way...


These are his two current looks for now. He has a bigger wardrobe, but I'm still toying with things.

I decided to delete my trap boy alt in favor of my big floof now that we have kitsune tails:

alt text

She's a big "Ara ara" floof that will take care of you. Lap pillows and hugs all around. Gotta save up for the 100+ Million meseta fox ears.



pso20200716_165252_003.jpg pso20200716_165247_002.jpg pso20200712_120552_025.jpg

Ship: 2

Character: Seras Ethos

Level: 62

Race: CAST

Current Class: Gunner/Force


Ship: 2

Character: Varius Veritas

Level: 75

Race: Human

Current Class: Braver/Fighter

Howdy Partners.


That was a tough fight! pso20200717_223438_022.jpg

Friendly neighborhood MP?

alt text

New outfit for the twitter contest that happened. alt text alt text