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This is my Bouncer/Fighter, and my highest level character in game. She is my best attempt, with current cosmetics available, to re-create Meracle Chamlotte, from one of my all time favorite games, Star Ocean The Last Hope. Developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix, this game brought me many hours of joy. So I thought it fitting to try and bring her into Phantasy Star, as I'm sinking many hours into it. I have three other characters that I may share at a later date, as they are still very much a work in progress.

(I shared this in a different thread prior, not realizing there was a more official one. Not sure if I'll leave the other post up. Anyways, here ya go.)

PS. I had to save this from the Xbox app, and tried to crop to reduce size, as I have no other idea on how to convert this to a .jpg file format, via a tablet. Edit for posterity: I was way off on this original attempt at a re-creation. My most current build with the NGS model, is in my opinion, almost spot on.

Fashion Update 6/25/2020

Fresh Finds

Shopping Spree ☑

Alicia pigtails, cat ears, Ursula replica

Actually quite pleased on how this turned out.


Always running around Ship 1.

@YoRHa-2B Glory to Mankind! alt text

How is everyone taking these awesome angled and posed shots? Is there a photo booth mode that I don't know about?

@KidTDragon In the Quick Menu, there is Fixed Camera option that allows you to create custom camera angles that you can switch between.

@Cathy ARGH I hope we can get Nier automata colab! good screen shot! 😄

    Quick Tips


Type these in chat to enact them

• character Eyes on Camera: [ /ce on ] or [ /ce off ]

•Pausing lobby actions at certain frames: [ /la (lobby action) ss1.0 ] adjusting the number value for the specific frame. Even the decimal point.

Please remove all [ ] for them to work.

heres another.