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I must say that I am pretty pleased with how she's looking. I don't know what I'd change about her (at least till more stuff comes with tickets) because I'm super happy with the look at the moment! I'm not trying to be too revealing with the outfit, it just looked so cool with everything that I had to use it.

2020-06-17 00-28-24Off - Copy (2).png

Pop crop 2.png

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pso20200617_152140_000.jpg pso20200617_152145_001.jpg pso20200617_152155_002.jpg pso20200617_152159_003.jpgpso20200617_152203_004.jpg

pso202g00619jhkhjk_125525_043.jpgGame decided to delete itself so here I am posting one of the last pics I took. >_>


Zeno's Stunt Double.

I got a couple fashions. This here is my sailor type outfit that I am currently rockin' the most. ❤ alt text

I also got my vampire fashion which I really enjoyed more than I thought I would! alt text

And lastly, my PSO2 JP fashion, this is the one I am waiting for the most to come to NA! I can't wait to get this outfit all together! ❤ alt text

@Saike-Vesta Your character to short to be Zeno back to the draw boards with you. 😛

@SonoVulpin Yeah I miscalculated the height. No more Salon pass. haha.

Recoloured my Magiapso20200620_190220_017.jpg pso20200620_190550_025.jpg

pso20200612_105620_000.jpg pso20200604_102748_000.jpg pso20200621_070242_000.png pso20200621_070341_002.png pso20200615_181040_011.png


Fun with alts.

Me... Me... oh, and Me!

alt text

@riomette Cool character! 😃