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@Vicodin-Villian Man yours looks dope!

What's really going on in the maintenance section?! Gateway ship is in the shop....again... alt text

We finally got a helmet, but I'm still waiting on some of those full head helmets or full face masks.


This is my first PSO2 character. Nothing too fancy....

alt text

Here's mine!pso20200601_064337_002.png

Mine. pso20200602_134807_001.png

pso20200601_000205_004.jpg I chose to play as a cute male Newman! UwU


@Aquayoshi5634 I approve! Im still trying to get that hairstyle. This is my male Deuman! 😉


That outfit looks pretty neat, what helmet/body did you use?



The mask is not an actual mask, just stuff I moved around to make a mask. If you look me up in the player search you can see my Look Book and copy my look if you want the mask. My ID is the same as my Forum name. You'd need those accessories tho.

@SirDoodlesAlot Thanks fam, appreciated.

Just my daily;) 20200605_154552.png 20200605_154714.png 20200605_154814.png

Looking more more dressing options on PC NA but only getting started pso20200606_001534_001.jpg