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coldreactive Yeah, gaming needs more big, strong women in it.

Yes, very yes. Big, tall, strong. Or even tall, caring/loving.

Indeed, the default outfits are among the best in this game. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyr).jpg

@Fiona-Respha female Force outfits are probably the best defaults hands-down, but the default female CAST parts (imo) were akin to scrounging through post-sale bargain-bin scraps. Did not want, but had no choice--they'll be the first to go when an inventory purge is required. Ionia, Draulia & Alnaar? ...those sets can stay. <insert menacing Risa-laugh here>

@F0XB0MB simple, functional, stylish 👍 👍

@PrsnOfDsntrst Some of the default female CAST bodies or arms are not that bad, IMPO. But the legs...


@PrsnOfDsntrst said in Share Your Look:

@F0XB0MB simple, functional, stylish 👍 👍

Not to mention so dashing and handsome looking hue hue

Got some new threads. 20200504_095809.png

With all the puttering I've been doing for my cast part thread, I came up with this cobbled creation: Purple Ranger ready to strike?!


My newest character addition thanks to having some microsoft rewards points, my Dueman Jagra

EE1432FC-F725-4F28-A5B1-7181CBBCCF85.jpeg 5B36208C-BC66-4C98-82D0-E2BBAEB21FAE.jpeg

I played PSO back on the Dreamcast and Xbox but I forgot everything about my characters, so I made new ones for PSO2. All of their looks are pretty basic since I can't justify spending money on virtual outfits right now.

Rile (female Newman Hunter/Braver) Rile.jpg

Braula (female human Fighter/Bouncer) Braula.jpg

Falaire (female Deuman Force/Techter) Falaire.jpg

@KidTDragon This game isn't quite so stingy as PSO was for DC or even GCN. As you go through the process of leveling up, so long as you aren't looking for The Cool Shiny that everyone else wants, you can find it in the Personal shop for a reasonable amount of meseta.

I was rather shocked that the new Cortu (female CAST) set didn't even take 6 hours from release to reach what I consider reasonable (maybe 1.5M for all 5 pieces), but then CAST parts aren't exactly popular...

@PrsnOfDsntrst That's good to hear. I assumed I'd just have to hope I got lucky with the FUN scratchers.

And so begins my constant struggle of modifying my characters constantly (for reference, I have about 300 different salon files on the JPN version just from slight tweaks to my first character); anyway, I just wasn't feeling the anime-esque face variant on Nysa, so I did a rehaul of her face:

alt text