Hows the Block Counter difficulty for a new player

How tight is the time frame for the counter? I've honestly have never been good at this sort of mechanic in other games.

It's actually pretty tight to be honest, but that is not the main issue, the real problem is that many of the larger enemies usually big bosses don't telegraph their moves well enough to respond to them with a parry. At least that's my take on it since I started maining a Braver.

I see people saying this ability is a must to master and if your not good at this sort of mechanic you should play another class. Any truth to this?

Yes and no. In the current build of the NA version, you get a big bonus for going into Katana Focus' released state, and executing a Counter is one of two ways to enter that state, the other being the Katana Focus Guard Release (L) Ring, but that requires standing still guarding for 3 seconds to activate, which is not necessarily time you can take in a boss fight. If we had the weapons and augments that increase Focus gain and reduce Focus loss, you could easily get away with just activating your released state with the Ring at the beginning of a Quest, but since we don't , the most reliable way to activate it is to Counter.

Additionally, Counters have very strong multipliers on Braver with Counter Edge and Counter Bonus.

In all honesty, it is just a matter of practice and observation. All enemies telegraph their attacks to a degree, it is just about learning those tells and when the attack actually connects in the animation, and this is true for any class you play.

Eh. It's not that tight. It's somewhere in the ball park of 0.5 second, I think maybe a little longer. I've triggered off things I thought I blocked to early for.

Block counter is mastered on a boss to boss basis, most bosses take many many attempts before you get the timing down right, and when in a large group its even harder because FX can obscure the cues.

yea its honestly not that bad. The main problem is when your clipping the bosses toe nails and he does an atk that actually hits behind you or the side of you that really chaps my buns because even if you do time the block if its not directly infront of you no counter. Its not the end all be all to the class but boy does it feel good when you have the buff up and KCombat! Juicy numbers for days!

On JP servers i equipped a lower tier weapon and killed some expedition bosses with only counters to practise the timing. Got pretty good at it even vs Urgent bosses i've never fought before after doing that for a few bosses.

The counter timing isn't tight at all, it's honestly one of the longest counters I've ever seen in a game. The hard part is just learning the different boss/enemy attacks so you know when to use it. When in doubt use it early since you'll at least take reduced damage if you mess up the timing.

Its a pretty huge window, & every single enemy telegraphs their attacks pretty well.

@Arkz-Nero said in Hows the Block Counter difficulty for a new player:

Its a pretty huge window, & every single enemy telegraphs their attacks pretty well.

If you consider less than 1/4th second of slightly different movement "pretty well" sure. at least half the boss enemies in the game move that fast or faster very suddenly.

Some facts: it is NOT easy until you practice it a good amount, on a boss per boss basis. we are human beings, not machines, our reaction times both have limits and must be honed.

I was told I need to learn the attack patterns of bosses, so im trying to do that and so far im starting to get it. but it does take practice to get it right.

@ZeeHero9271 There is generally always a pre-animation or que before the attack animation for every enemy attack. Its pretty easy to see coming. & since the window is huge for the counter to count, its pretty easy to pull off.

I've never been good at countering mechanics in video games. I only got to get more timing practice with Code Vein, but even then, the timing there is very tight. Compared, PSO2 seems to have a larger window, granted, not that much larger. I've gotten slightly better at countering, but there are still times where I'll completely mess up the timing for it cause I'll try to counter last second, if not because of weird clipping/hitbox/camera issues. I've been trying to get into the grove of blocking a bit earlier, as even if I mess up the timing, it'll still block a good chunk of damage at the cost of 20PP. Been working so far. Though sometimes I'm never sure if I just can't counter the attack, or if my timing is off. As I know some games have it where you can't counter certain attacks. But /shrug

the PSO2 counter edge is more about knowing you're gonna get hit and the direction where you're going to get hit. Pure experience and practise.