Bring back Gal Da Val?

Why we do have the coast and it's pretty good for the seaside we don't really have a good alternative for mountains and jungle. Rainy Forest just doesn't really do it, though it is a good environment to have.

While ideally I really would love to go back to Gal da Val just having a jungle or mountain area reminiscent of it like we do the coast to seaside would be enough.

and something like central control area I would be cool too.

it's kind of just like a pipe dream but I figured now that we as a fanbasehave a voice for the West might as well use it to let him know this might be something we want?

let me know what y'all think.

As a note PSO2 did in fact, included Gal Gryphon as a normal boss you can fight on the JP version even including the area you'd fight him in the original.

But it would be cool to see older areas being playable in the game in the future, like how the PSU series did port over the PSO maps into the game and hey, maybe we can get PSU areas to explore to continue that trend maybe.

@Berry Yeah, I know - that's kinda what made me hungry for the whole island. Honestly I've been wanting them to release another full field for a while now, not just event or story areas, but I'm hoping they're just slowing down so NA can catch up, and we can all get the next area together, and maybe even global servers while I'm dreaming :3