cpu at 100 degrees celcius while playing

When I lauch the game, my cpu temp will go to 100 °C even at the title screen. This doesnt happen with any other game.

Edit: The anticheat messed with the monitoring software I was using and made it show 100 degrees when it wasnt

Do you use the Tweaker or the manual fix for lobby lag? If so, those both remove the optimization that prevents lag by making your systems use all of its resources to prevent the lag.

Odd? But , I did have the same exact Problem. I was getting thermals on my cpu that robbed me of my gameplay. So, I went out and asked around and bought some thermal paste. From there it was pretty simple. I removed the CPU tower cooler and added a generous portion of thermal paste on the face of the CPU, Re-attached the Tower cooling thingy, ( I pushed it in slowly, to make sure that it spread evenly.), After that.. It seemed to work just fine. Now I sit at around 70- 80 Degress.

There are other factors of course., Make sure you are not a victim of dust bunnies. ( EGAD!), Also - check to verify the Internal PC air flow. SO.. Typically air comes in from the front, or side, and from there to the rear everything should be an exhaust.

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