The "Persona" angle is crap... (Spoilers)

Well while I wait for PSO2 to reinstall due to a failed attempt at fixing the lobby issue, might as well go on a little rant. Persona is the reason I pretty much hate the story of this game. But not because it was a bad idea, because it was implemented poorly and is an insult to you, the player. In case you don't know, Persona is you from an alternate timeline where Matoi dies, as seen in Episode 3. This might be fine on it's own, if a little annoying, if this weren't an MMO. Your character is your own, you build their personality, motives, actions, etc yourself. This is why we don't get many dialogue options. But the ones we do, force us down a specific mindset, potentially going against our character. So the story goes from "build your characters personality" to "oh well now they're like this regardless". That's insulting to you and your character, but then they decide "oh well now your character has a timeline where they're a Falz and yada yada yada", that's where I draw the line.

BUT, Persona's alternate-timeline concept isn't a bad one. Here's how it should have been done in my opinion. Persona isn't you, it's Zeno from another timeline. In this timeline Matoi becomes the Profound Darkness, kills the player and Zeno in a fit of rage kills Matoi/Profound. He then absorbs some of the energy from PD and becomes Persona and does what the canon one does, goes back in time to kill Matoi, but not to end her suffering, to save your character. This plays into his "a mentor looks out for his students" mentality perfectly. This Zeno is at arms with your character the same way and pretty much acts the same way throughout the story, he just says different things. Your character will still be forced to adopt a certain mentality, but at least they don't spit on it with the Persona angle. At least this way there isn't a version of you out there serving as some sort of villain/anti-hero. Also I like Zeno, this would force him to be more active in the story as well.

Anyway these are just my thoughts on the matter.

it would fit better as Zeno. they didnt even bother to make a female version of the Persona Dark Falz model, even knowing that at least half the player characters will be female. and the voice too.

I dont reject the fact that tragedy can change just about anyone, but they were very lazy with the implementation.