Playable or broken?

Is it? I dont want to try again if the Win10 Store is broken again

I downloaded it from Win Store, used PSO tweaker to unpack and patch it, and it works for me. If you want to just use WIN10 and not do all of that, then I would wait till the 10th ... supposedly they will have it fixed by then.

ok i will wait then... dont want to use any tweaker because im a PC Noob and will not broke my PC again like the last time 😕

Installed the game with turned off antivirus and used this fix for lag in the loby. Works like a charm

to much dumb work to install a Game that dont even shout have this Problem... i wait and hope that the 10.06.20 will change this

Windows 10 store isn't even the problem. The game isn't optimized well. High end hardware can't even keep a stable framerate in the ships.. major issues with character rendering.

@Dritoku said in Playable or broken?:

Is it? I dont want to try again if the Win10 Store is broken again

the safest way to play this game is to have it installed in the same drive your win10 is installed, and i recommend using tweaker, it makes the game run smoother and removes a lot of the issues that people have been complaining about, been playing the game for weeks just fine with it myself, no issues on my end.

@Dritoku Use the PSO2 Tweaker and don't look back. Just uninstall the MS Store variant if you haven't already. Beware of the major download times, if you have sub 100mbps download speeds it will take a while.