fps drop in the lobby

Hello everyone I get really bad FPS drop in the lobby I have a good computer and I have no issues when I'm doing a mission. Anyone else having this problem?

Bypass the launcher by opening pso2.exe directly or renaming it as the pso2launcher.exe file to use the shortcut for the game.

Won't let me for some reason, tried the rename method, wouldn't let me rename the copied pso2.exe to pso2launcher.exe no matter what I did. Tried Winaero, didn't work, same issue. Have to reinstall the game since I can't rename the original pso2launcher.exe back to its original name. This is exactly why I don't mess with 3rd party solutions, I called this before I even attempted anything. My advise, just wait for an official fix.

Hopefully with the update today this will fix the problem