How to prevent S key or backward from Reversing Facing

Hi, New to game. I like the movement and combat everything but hitting the S key causes my character to Rotate 180 degees . This is Ok if im moving but in combat it causes me to lose target lock went i only want to move back a little. Basically want standard WASD movement like WoW, GW2 , EOS and FFIV. I can't seem to find the setting for this. Makes it hard to play because my muscle memory is to hit S hit just do reposition a little .. Instead I"m facing away from the Target and still firing at nothing. Any help or suggestion on how you deal with that would be good.

The only way to do that without manual Lock-On is with OTS mode, but you don't get any Lock-On while in OTS.

@Stingray1965179 said in How to prevent S key or backward from Reversing Facing:

and FFIV.

FFXIV actually basically requires the 180 degree turn for most gameplay. Even though it defaults to what you want. I'm really glad PSO2 has it in by default.