Level 70, still no ultimate quests unlocked...

I'm level 70, my quest counter still doesn't have ultimate quests unlocked. I think my game is bugged or I'm missing a quest.

Did you do all of your unlock quests from Cofy? Did you get a message stating Klariscrays has Client Orders now? Did you do all of the Expeditions at least once on any difficulty?

Did you receive level 70 and not go to the ARKS Lobby Gate Area? (Or come out of the quest that you leveled in, into the Gate Area)

The game is VERY finicky on where you exit quests, and won't always unlock features unless you come out in the specified area. In addition, choosing "Abandoned Quest" (IE: Abandoning the quest) when you reach said level will bypass the gateway ship. Which can bug out some feature unlocks.

I got the message for Klariscrays and she gives me quests to kill enemies with techniques. Is this like a chain to unlock ultimate?

Yea as coldreactive said. be sure to have most quests done with cofy. I was able to get to UQ without issues. Unless you had someone join u and u couldnn't get in because they were under 70 or u accidentally forgot to put your 70+ class in :3

Ok, I went to my SHIP and it finally gave me a popup. I had to go into a mission to see it.