Video is done with TeBo, but the Bouncer subclass isn't useful (I think - pretty sure regular shifta casts will give you two ticks). Techter is used to grant the AIS Shifta Strike/Critical, improving its damage.

Gear is a +35 Nemesis Wand with Beari Soul, Might III, ARKS MAX and Noble Might (not by choice, I would rather have TEC on here, it just came like that from the shop), with default Brissa units from the Rising Weapon Badge Shop.

I do not use a drink from the drink terminal because I could not be bothered to recollect it each attempt.

Hey folks, so this story quest is a bit infamous on here: All the enemies are level 80, however we are only level 75.

This wouldn't be a problem, but for some reason, our AIS also scales to our level instead of the quest's level, meaning that we do 33% less damage than intended when using the AIS, making this quest really difficult to S-Rank on Hardcore.

However, it's still possible, and the video above is proof of such and a "guide" I suppose. The strategy I use is as follows:

  1. Kill the Exoda as fast as possible. This is done with whatever method you would like.
  2. After the Exoda are dead, burn Apprentice. You can do this with the Burn augment, or with fire techs. I use burn TMG.
  3. As soon as she burns, cast Shifta on the AIS socket, get in your AIS and dump a photon laser into her. Use this AIS until Shifta dissipates.
  4. Repeat Step 2/3 (burn into laser), then dump this AIS when she is getting ready to use her mega cannon, and dump another laser into her.
  5. Now just keep attacking her until she dies.

Your DPS rotations should be primarily focused on sword. Grenades are nice, but they are much less DPS than the sword normal and sword PA. Only use grenades when you need to attack the middle weakspot and won't be able to with the sword (mostly because she's moving, or because you won't get to her in time before she closes).