AQ Threat Level Has no Effect on PSE Burst Spawn rates. Bug?

I was running an AQ solo but with some NPC partners and i managed to get a PSE Burst, I had raised the threat lvl a bit to get more spawns but when the PSE Burst happened It only spawned 1 monster at a time at a very slow rate. Because of this it makes getting PSE Burst solo completely pointless even though it's harder to get them solo. Why is the hard work of getting a PSE Burst not rewarding for solo players?

The Normal Monster Spawns spawn waay way more monsters than a PSE Burst how does that make sense?

During a PSE Burst, Solo, no matter what quest it is (Even normal expeditions and the like), you will only get 1 enemy to spawn at a time unless you run ahead to the next spawn trigger of enemies. This is why it's best to go in with 3 other actual players. (Plus, the party triboost bonus is higher with real people.)

@coldreactive It makes no sense that a event such as PSE burst is barely slightly beneficial for solo players. I hope that gets changed or something meh.