Star Gem Expiration (does AC expire too???)

@SleeprunnerInc The only reason FF14 does that tomestone deletion is to prevent having to store the data for every old tomestone + make UI for all of those old tomestones nobody uses anymore just because someone might still have them, because the deleted tomestones are part of a series of currencies that are constantly being introduced. If you want to equate SG to FF14 tomestones, the better example would be Poetics, since they're both evergreen currencies that never go out of rotation, and FF14 doesn't wipe Poetics from your character if you don't use them.

There's no reason for PSO to delete SG like there is for unused tomestones in FF14. Not to mention, they don't even expire in the JP version of the game, which shows that there's no actual reason it has to happen and it was additional work to do it like this.

I think that the lack of clear notice of expiration is a concern. I do agree that, normally, one year is plenty of time to use your SG. It's understandable that they do this due to taxation laws. Yet it's not understandable for them to be less than up front. (Unless someone can correct me on this, unless it's fine print) I have not known of this until seeing this thread, and without this awareness, I could have sat on currency myself. I've taken a 8 year hiatus with the JP version, so a break of a year or more is possible, if you move on with your life. I just think it sucks for a person to find out about it this way, but I also thank them for making us aware, because now I'll surely make it a point to use all the currency sooner than a year. (Although I never planned to wait a year before using it)

@Archetype-Luna Unfortunately not in court in NA.

Have read a few cases where the court case was dropped just because of user error on not checking a manual that is available on the website but just ain't told about it.

Much like someone claiming they didn't know they were speeding or doing X thing because it wasn't made super obvious enough.

In the rest of the world sure, this is a case where you could go to court over it IF you spent real money on the SG and lost it.

however if you have not used real money and lost the SG due to this, then you really don't have a case and since the NA release has not been around for a YEAR, no one can make a case of it unless their SG was deleted due to X reason and not refunded if it was game error.

We need more information at this point on whether the info from the manual is correct OR the info found everywhere else.

But people being upset over something getting deleted a YEAR of not earning or using it is kinda stupid in my eyes.

That's just my opinion on it tho.

@SleeprunnerInc This may be different because the store page is a direct advertisement; not including it could count as false advertisement. It could be argued that SG being advertised as a permanent currency in the store page while the manual contradicts it. Sure we may have to have someone wait a year, but someone could also make an account and leave it for a year to test it out.

I don't see this as stupid at all, and thanks to OP, not Microsoft, we can alert our alliance mates or friends to be aware of this. Simple as that. They have given ample time, but not ample notice. That's the issue there. Overall, it's a minor issue, but this still lacks ethics in my opinion. If they were crystal clear about this, then there would be no problem at all, however minor it is.

@Ranmaru Honestly, the entirety of how NA version is handled is sketchy at best.

We barely got the game functioning for alot of people (Bombed for my friend today infact).

There's still no official statement on fixing the game and the monetization etc is just scummy at best.

So yeah, the entirety of the NA release lacks Ethics.

I can agree to that.