Star Gem Expiration (does AC expire too???)

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Yes, they DO expire. They expire one year after purchase or are freely earned.

WTF? why would they do this?

@Ki-Rin It was explained earlier.

Tax reasons.

Apparently if they do not expire after a year, they will have to file tons of tax related stuff regarding the SG.

For users encountering this recently (like myself) and coming to this thread. I managed to find a reddit page ( ) that is discussing this exact issue. I would recommend supporting that post as much as possible if you are having this issue, as well as submitting a ticket to customer support.

The long and short of it is that both AC and SG are set to expire 1 year after purchase in Japan to avoid taxation of both corporations and people due to weird laws that Japan has. If you buy any additional AC and SG, the timer resets. However, this does not apply to earned SG as it does not have value under those laws. Though this still doesn't explain why SG is disappearing from NA users - the game hasn't even been out for a year in NA yet.

what the hell...what about AC ?

Both AC and SG expire in JP after a year (with the timer resetting after a new purchase of AC/SG), but I haven't heard anything about this happening to AC, only SG. The possibility still remains, but we are probably dealing with some sort of bug that might specifically only be affecting SG.

and someone from the previous said the opposite : his AC expired while SG didn't


I have not seen any post anywhere in this thread talking about AC suddenly disappearing. I may have missed it. AC and SG both DO expire for sure in Japan after a year, but what we are dealing with right now is sudden and unexplained loss of SG. I have not seen anywhere mention that this is happening to AC in NA. Unless if im responding in a different thread than I think I am, for which I apologize, I'm keeping track of several threads. I've only been playing this game for about a month and a half but 800+ SG suddenly disappeared from my account (AC was still intact though).

People can't read between the fine lines. It resets every time you earn or buy SG. Quit overreacting.

It does, but currently there appears to be an issue with SG suddenly disappearing on NA. Even if it is supposed to expire after one year (with the timer resetting each time you buy more), NA hasn't been out for a year yet and select users (doesn't appear to be widespread from what I have noticed) are losing almost all of their SG. Which doesn't make much sense since the game released 3 months ago on NA.

As far as the expiration itself, I am familiar with it because I played on JP way back when. I personally agree that finding out an expiration for premium currency is quite obtuse. The NA version of the game when buying currency does not notify the user of an expiration date. In order to find out an expiration date exists, you have to go to the PSO2 manual ( ), select using SG, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. The manual itself has no mention of AC expiring, even though we know for sure it expires on JP.

Even if we know that SG expires one year after acquisition (since the manual says so), it still doesn't explain people having their SG disappear only a few months into release.

I'am glad i came across this thread. Was planning to buy lots of SG and save it up for Dark Ruler SG scratch (Dark falz outfit) but now I ain't gonna do that. Just gonna save my money and wait for its release.

@CNJL they are updated once you generate any SG. If you logged out and did not play for 1 year all your SG would be gone. If you logged in just once and gained even 10 SG then ALL of your SG expiration dates are set to that date you just got 10. They only expire if you basically quit playing for a year.

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  • Why do extra character slots vanish upon character deletion?

One thing to note on the extra character slot thing is that some rewards like things like client orders and some quest rewards are per character, so technically who is willing to continuously delete a character each day could turn in some client orders on a daily basis that are meant to be on a weekly basis, like Yerkes. You can actually do this if you don't have any character slots purchased and just use your third slot to do this each day. At 500k a day, in a week you make 3.5 mil, a decent amount more than a level 50 alt doing weeklies, you also get essentially infinite mini devices, along with other stuff like boosters and what not. Now imagine if someone had a full 12 character slots (so 11 additional characters) and did this on a daily basis, that's 38.5 million a week.

damn, good to know, so if i take a break for a year, come back and see all my SG gone i would just rage quit again. what a dumb system