Star Gem Expiration (does AC expire too???)

I don't know if they expire in JP but I'm really sad that they expire in NA. Does anyone else have opinions on this?

Normally I like to buy premium currency in bulk and then sit on it for a long time until something nice comes along in a premium shop. This saves the added headache at the end of a stressful work day if I want to get a nice digital thing but have to think less rationally about what's appropriate to spend on a video game. If I already have premium currency there, then less-stressed rational me already decided that it was appropriate. I do this with all games that I play (League of Legends, Path of Exile, Mabinogi/Vindictus).

I'm much less likely to buy and sit on lots of SG because of the threat that it'll expire out from under me before I notice. It's meaningless gouging to have SG expire like this.

[EDIT] It seems like SEGA currencies expire because of tax issues in Japan. AC expires in JP, I can't find any info on whether SG expires in JP. It's odd that this appears flipped in NA. Does our AC expire too???

Wait..Star Gems expire? I was saving mine to buy a gold pass for the next season..

They don't expire. They wouldn't sell a currency that expires for real money.

Yes, they DO expire. They expire one year after purchase or are freely earned.

Wow. That's somewhat lame.

Yeah, what bothers me is that I'll probably have 100SG sitting around from a year ago and maybe 200-300 SG earned recently, and I'm going to be really sad a year from now when I mysteriously start to lose SG and can't keep track of anything.

SG expire one year from the date they were last purchased or earned.

@CNJL said in Star Gem Expiration (why?):

Yes, they DO expire. They expire one year after purchase or are freely earned.

IE you have 5000, and you earn 100 that resets the expiration date.

But that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't say shit on the purchase page on PSO2

Yeah, really sad that it's in the fine print. ­čś×

@CNJL said in Star Gem Expiration (why?):

Yeah, really sad that it's in the fine print. ­čś×

No talk about expiration


Yeah that's what I mean: it's sad that you only find out about SG expiration if you were poking around and happened to read the fine print of an info page. And most likely everyone will notice a year from now.

This is likely just a holdover from the Japanese version. As I understand it, virtual game currencies in Japan are considered taxable assets, but only if you hold them for over a year, so many companies have them expire in a year to save them a paperwork nightmare of tax reporting.

Still a bit crappy that it doesn't mention it on the purchase page.

@Il├║vatar said in Star Gem Expiration (why?):

Still a bit crappy that it doesn't mention it on the purchase page.

It WOULD be nice if it was mentioned on the "Star Gems Breakdown" dialogue too. (It isn't.)

Why does SEGA do anything? Almost every monetization decision or decision in general they've made on this game has been downright scummy and awful.

  • Why do star gems expire?
  • Why is their a height restriction in character creator?
  • Why are basic game functions like trading locked behind a paywall?
  • Why do extra character slots vanish upon character deletion?
  • Why is material storage crazy expensive?
  • Why did they remove the ingame friends system?
  • Why does it cost money to recolor a costume?
  • Why won't they open ship 04?
  • Why wait 2 weeks to push out a game effecting lobby glitch fix?
  • Why for the love of good would they use the Microsoft store?

Why, why, why, why why why why. At this point that's all I can ask. Just why? I'm at the point where I fear, flat out fear what the devs decide to change next.