Guide: Gearing up Mini-Guide for newer players (with explanations)

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If we get the most recent ring system, then you copy the ring into the unit and don't lose that ring, which means you can freely switch depending on what you need.

Now that is a big piece of information right there. Thanks!

I'm swimming in glory badges myself and we're on the 4th day of 28 so I'll definitely be able to afford a spare set as well. Or just have a ton of rising 2 badges for flexibility since I'm guessing exchange NPCs tend not to retire their exchanges?

and use the 4th slot for a class based one.

4th slot? I'm confused again. 4th of what? They don't get four ring slots each, do they?

No, but you can equip a ring even without units to a total of 4. If you'd make just one unit set to run with all classes, you could still use that base slot for any class ring needs.

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No, but you can equip a ring even without units to a total of 4.

Oh you mean the normal L ring slot?

Wow you can really get lost in this game. The depth of complexity is unreal.

I have the whole set of the Ray series what do I do now?

Also how do you do the affixing of the units/weapon swords only for hunter/bouncer build.

Update: Added Gemini Set + P-Drive combo for big beefy units if you are into that sort of thing. Very cheap thanks to VR Vegas too and the addition of triggers in the casino and CMile shop means p-drives are 10k aswell. Amazing value, buy now.

@RainGnyu Affixing isn't really supposed to be in this guide, there are hundred of affixing guides out there, but i do not mind writing up one myself, never watched any myself so i don't know if they are decent, affixing is kind of an unique beast to tackle in itself and opinion split there too.

pumping thread once more.

Seeing how people still buy my Saiki for 10m, Ray Units are literally free right now, the ARKS Rally Boost puts them into AQs, so whoever hasn't upgraded their units, this is your chance.

ok so im looking at that table and i see the stats then i go to player shop and i see prices and i ended up with brissa set

but i see ppl in comments talk about p-drive and when i look on stats in that table birssa and p-drive (+2 different parts from other set) are not so far apart but seems like p-drive combo with 2 parts from different sets is better for ppl here and i dont see why?

am i missing something here?

There is no hidden secret, the stats are as listed in the table.

As explained in the guide, using 12* units means you can put rings into them later, we assume that feature will be out in August and running Gemini + P-Drive will net you more defenses.

Most opinions could also be based on misinformation, but I can't really judge that here.

@Macmaxi so to make things clear

1 - i am looking at flat stats on that table and nothing else i should know about when it comes down to def in that regard?

2 - idea behind p-drive is that in future with rings combining with it would make it better option?

3 - why not whole p-drive set but combo with 2 pieces of other sets?

4 - gemini vs ray i dont see much difference but i think u are suggesting gemini would be better am i right? and if so or no then why? since i see their stats are not that much different

That's a bunch of questions i thought were explained by the initial post, but i can understand that it's hard to fully grasp, lemme try to break it down some more.

1- The stats on the table are the final stats you get by equipping those unit sets, before any affix. That means combined total defense value + each invidiual units hidden stats + the set bonus if there is one.

The main thing to consider is here that 11* and below mostly gain their stats through set bonuses (having to equip multiple parts to get a bigger chunk of stats) vs 12* that mostly rely on individual hidden bonuses (like Ray for example). There are some units that fall out of that system like P-Drive for example which is a singular 11* Back units with strong individual stats, but it lacks a corresponding set.

2 - The idea behind P-Drive is simply that it is a very strong unit on its own and combined with a 2 Set bonus or other individual strong units (like Ray) they reach a decent net total in stats.

3 - That is exactly what i tried to bring across with the unit list. Gemini Set (2 parts) + P-Drive (1 part) or Ray Units (2 pieces no set bonus) + P-Drive. These are mostly mix and match options, and looking at the final stats, they don't differ too much.

4 - All the unit combinations marked in red are my "recommendations", which mean i consider them close enough to each other in terms of power level that i consider these good enough. The Gemini + P-Drive would also be red, but i forgot that and will probably change that once i add the invade set to the list.

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That's a bunch of questions...

and now i understand it clearly

alt text

@Macmaxi Love this post - any updates we should be aware of regarding Ep 4?

That depends, with the release of 14* weapons it's gonna get a bit more complicated in that department, Nemesis and Slave are still extremely strong regardless, in terms of units it's more sidegrades, although the Zenises Set might be a bit stronger, i'll hold off on any predictions until they are out here, there are also Izane Units which i'm very keen on getting my hands on.

@Macmaxi I'm coming back since late may/june. level 76 braver looking to just pulverize out there. where do you think I should spend my time/money?

@Macmaxi also, I am curious why you did not include the noirga set (11*)