[Ship 01 ] Ur Majesty - [ENG] Casual LBTQIA+ Inclusive Alliance

Ur Majesty


We're a small Alliance founded with 7 of my long-time online friends, most played PSO2 before and were hype about it coming to NA officially. We don't currently have an Alliance discord or website, but that may change depending on needs as we grow.

  • Most Active: Night to Late-Night hours (Any-Time is OK.)
  • [New Players Welcome] [At Your Own Pace]
  • Our Flag Alliance Flag

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive

Even with our starting members there is an array of orientations and genders (gay, nb, trans, pan, ace, polyam) and we won't tolerate intolerance for these or for race, ethnicity, religion, skill level, body size, etc.

Name Meaning

Whenever an emergency quest popped up I misheard it as "Your Majesty", the Ur part is a pun based on the PSO2 ship name, "Ur," and the word, "Your."


We're a pretty casual group. Members keep odd hours and have different play-styles. Some of us chill in the Casino or Salon often. Some of us run quests non-stop. We tend to come together in the evenings/weekends to run Urgent Quests - It's never really planned ahead of time.

I will never hassle people to do specific stuff or about gaining alliance points.

Why we're recruiting

I want my spaces to be a chill place to enjoy things with friends. Seems like other people might want that as well, so I wanted to present ourselves as an option. Also... I love that lil alliance hologram tree, and I wanna make it grow. The weekly Alliance Points (AP) cap makes it really difficult to do that with few members.


Feel free to contact me with questions about the alliance through the forum's DM system or in-game.

Via Forums

  • You can click a person's icon or name to go to their Profile.
  • From there you can click the Chat button under their icon to open a direct message(it has a speech bubble icon).

I should be able to get back to you in a day or so.

In-game messaging...

It seems like the most reliable way to contact us in-game is to use Kudos via the Visiphone Terminal (it's the purple symbol terminal).

  • At the terminal use ARKS Search to do a Player Search for either of our Player IDs.

    • Cherry (Founder) / Player ID Name : cherryzombs
    • Lilbean (Officer) / PlayerID Name : jellyeal
  • Click the name on the returned search and use the Communication option.
  • After that use Send Kudos just type a short message about wanting to join the alliance.
  • Hit Send and we should get back to you within a day or so.


The game seems to want to make people use Whisper messages to contact alliances they're interested in... This seems completely useless to me and I've already missed one person's Whisper. I wouldn't even have realized I missed them it if I hadn't also messaged them in the forums. If you whisper me, I probably won't see it.

Some info I've found useful...

How to block specific Symbol Arts

  • From your menu go to System (The one that looks like gears), then Symbol Art.
  • At the top will be a tab that says Saved Lists. It's a drop down menu, and one of the options is History (Standard)
  • From there you can see the symbol arts you've seen in the past. You can click choose to Save/Block or whatever.

How to report inappropriate behavior in-game

  • Easiest way I found is to use the Community tab (it looks like two people chatting)
  • Then Nearby Characters where you can see a character list.
  • Click the offending person's name and select Miscellaneous
  • The only option there is Report This Player
  • Once you click that it will ask for a Report Category and confirmation.

You can also report them through Xbox in-game. Same method as before, but...

  • In the character list choose View GamerCard
  • then Report or block , choose Report
  • There will be a drop-down menu with Select a reason choose whatever reason fits the problem
  • and then write-in the problem in the Tell us more (optional) box.
  • Once complete hit Report to Xbox

Other notes...

  • If reporting a player through the website support system for inappropriate Symbol Arts, make sure to grab the Symbol Arts ID from your Symbol Arts history and include it in the report.

  • Blacklisting seems to be in the game via Whisper from the Nearby Players menu. (Though may not be reversible, so beware. ) You can enter /bl into the Whisper chat with an individual and supposedly no longer see any messages or Symbol Arts from that person. (I've not personally tested this because it would be difficult to prove it works without trying to blacklist a friend... which I won't risk if it's not reversible.)

Discussion on these topics here.