Rise of Devotion recruitment age 20+

Hi there I am recruiting for my alliance on ship 2 very social helpful bunch of people we have 4-12+ people in discord and xbox party chat daily run SHAQs ultimate quests and full Alliance UQs as well has fun events. our only requirement is be chill age 20+ and willing to join discord if this interests you feel free to reach me GT Dark MahaVailo or My Wife ClaireVailo. i have posted a few screen shots of events we have done recently.




Hiya :3 I am the Wifey of MahaVailo. Feel free to post here I do watch it =P or you can always reach out to me ClaireVailo#3506 on discord if you are interested in joining or have any questions =D! We are a rowdy bunch when we all get together but we don't bite, well hard anyway ^.^!

To add a bit more our goal is to create a place where people can all play together and have fun ^.^! So we try to host events often and sign ups for urgent quests so our members have the option of not having to find a pick up group with randoms! It's the same with just VHAQs and SHAQs, dailies, or just chit chatting :3!

So far we have had Hide n Seek, Meet N Greets, Trivia, Casino nights, Trigger quests and more that we have done and will continue to do ^.^! Our event managers have more in the works so feel free to join to see what fun we have planned!

We also like pictures!

Hello, there potential seekers. I go by many names, Zastar player ID, VivianneReign in game character and most importantly you can call me Char, Charizon or Charizastar. I found this alliance by happen chance through the Facebook group. I hadn’t had a lot of luck with previous alliances quiet or non active. I also didn’t know much about the game really I was just coasting through. I probably wouldn’t have stuck with the game had i not seen the Facebook post for this alliance, joined in and further been teaming up with some of the greatest players I’ve met across my mmo life time.

Whether you are just starting or been having some rough luck finding that niche alliance that fits you, I would definitely come check us out. You might find your forever home amongst Pso2.

Yay Bump we recruited someone through forums =D.