New player here.. I've been playing for about a week.. so far enjoying the game, incredibly detailed, the customization is great, lots to do, etc. Its been fun.

My one issue with this game, as a new player, is that I just don't get armor. I have been watching videos stating that unit's have hidden stats and set bonus's and whatnot, but this type of information isnt actually displayed in-game for us to observe?

I strongly suggest making a change to this before this game gets bigger, as I think it will. This type of stuff should be on a 4th tab or just implemented in to the infrastructure that already exists.. when I wear a piece of armor I want to know exactly what it does down to the last detail.. because this game is heavily customizable and these stats matter. These things should also be displayed on anything that I am buying from somebodies personal store because I shouldn't have to rely on third party sources to get information on the item...

Why don't you guys list set bonus's and every stat the armor gives on the descriptions that you give us? It makes no sense to me.