Local Clock Time in the UI Interface

For a game that runs very much on real-life time for Urgent Quests, it's kind of shocking I have to alt+tab a hundred times a day to see the time.

Can you please implement a clock feature into the UI so we know what time it is?

There is a sustained emote (IE: like photon chair, dances, etc.) in JP that shows the current time (your PC's time.) But yes, it would be nice to have a small clock left of the Receive/Send Arrows above the minimap with a small rectangular backdrop so it can actually be seen.

I honestly really want that emote so I can just AFK near the quest counter so people know what time it is.

It is rather bothersome because in full screen mode, the game takes over your whole screen so you can no longer see your computer clock, yet the game never had a clock built into it. When you need to keep an eye on the time, or you are looking for certain EQs based on time slots, it's a bit of a pest not being able to see local time.

I personally use a program that overlays a customizable clock over everything, and have found that it is very useful, especially since it does show seconds, and as such I very much agree that it would be nice to have similar functionality directly implemented into the UI so I wouldn't have to rely on an external program (or a desk clock).

I mostly use group chat timestamps, but something else like these would be better.