Extremely Hard Boss HP Lower than Super Hard?

See the thing is @Riesz , I don't want to have to choose between a fight I enjoy and a fight that gives me a better shot at good loot. Shouldn't have to chose, a higher difficulty should be harder or at the very least have more HP than lower difficulties. I mean the PD fight on XH is a joke, you can outright skip phases because of its low HP. On SH you actually get to see everything. I want the fight to last, otherwise its not fun.

Isn't there another difficulty above XH in JP? SH is definitely the odd one out.

@AiC-L Yeah, but before that difficulty got released, XH was the hardest difficulty on JP. The current XH on the EN version (with lvl 80 enemies) was balanced towards equiment that is weaker than what EN has right now and towards weaker versions of the current classes (since then classes have gotten several buffs, so the current HP on lvl 80 urgent quests isn't enough).

Before UH gets released though, EN is still gonna get lvl 85 XH urgent quests (not for the current urgents, only for newer urgents that will be released in ep5). Enemies get a big HP increase from the lvl 80 urgents to the lvl 85 ones.

@Ezodagrom That was my point, yes. XH should be the hardest, not some NG+ loot run when compared to SH. Really SEGA should have just taken the opportunity to use Global as a testbed for rebalancing JP's old stuff. It's not like using the global server as a guinea pig is new.

@Hatsodoom K, thanks. Still not gonna change my mind though.