Does weapon element affect technique damage?

"Weapon element affects both melee and ranged attacks, but does not add any damage to Techniques."

Is this wiki right or wrong?

Weapon element does not effect Tech damage unless you are a Force using Elemental Conversion.

Weapon element does a few things. On the most basic level, matching the weapon's element to an enemy's weakness will give you a small damage multiplier (usually between 1.2x and 1.3x assuming the enemy doesn't have some kind of additional resistance) when you make contact with the weapon itself (thus only when melee or ranged attacks hit), regardless of the element's percentage; for Techs, this function is instead shifted to the element of the Tech.

Next we have the function of the percentage itself. Rather than increase the damage caused by matching the element to the enemy's weakness, the percentage of a weapon gives a hidden Pwr bonus to damage calculations for melee and ranged attacks, regardless of if it matches weakness. This means that if I have a Sword with 1000 MEL-Pwr with 25% element, it has 1250 MEL-Pwr for calculations, but if it has 50% element, it has 1500 MEL-Pwr.

For a Force with Elemental Conversion, the element of a weapon instead serves to give a damage multiplier based on two things: the elemental percentage and if the Tech you are using matches the weapon element. With a fully leveled Elemental Conversion you take 50% of the weapon's element as the multiplier if you are matching Tech to weapon element, and 45% if they do not match. This means that if you have a Rod with 50% Light element, you get a 25% damage multiplier for using a Light Tech, and a 22.5% damage multiplier if using a Tech of any other element.

I hope that information is useful for you.

Thank you. Someone told me to just always aspect light no matter what, but this info seems to suggest otherwise.

@ThankfulTie4925 That advice is sound because of the fact that Falspawn can spawn in almost every mission, and the the vast majority of Urgent Quest bosses are weak to Light. In the grand scheme of things, the bonus you get for matching weapon element is relatively small unless you are running very specific builds, not to mention that it can be very resource intensive to try and get a full rainbow set of the same weapon (in fact, it can be nearly impossible with 15☆ weapons).

I guess im assuming that since I dont have light tree in my fo/te build, I would just always do more damage with Fire which I do have in my build, regardless of if the enemy is weak to light.

@ThankfulTie4925 It's a yes and no. Since for Techs it is much easier to match element to enemy weakness, you can potentially hit harder even without points into the right Mastery just because of that natural 1.2x/1.3x matching bonus and Techter's Element Precision Hit skill. The one thing that throws a monkey wrench into that is the variable Potencies of each Tech.

Glad i clicked on this. I spent a lot of time and money making 50% element weapons, and have been utterly dissapointed with the results so far.

Im also disapointed with the base psycho wand & shooting drive' light damage- most of my gear is at 1000 damage, but those are at 1100+ (20%) and its a total wash. Seems pointless to even try to make a 50% psycho wand.

To cap it off, i just found a 13* lambda v2 partisan with a 60% native fire attribute. I took it to the forest SH, lv 64 enemies. Char is LV 75/55 Hu/Te. My damage from normal attacks are only 2-2.5k for a regular swing. Like, WTF. Damage from PAs are decent, but it is disappointing to say the least.



First of all, don't forget that most damage from weapons comes from their Potentials, which unlock at +10, +20, and +30. A +0 13☆ weapon will always perform worse than even say, a +30 11☆ weapon with a good damage-based potential.

Ignoring that for a moment,and focusing just on elemental percent, like I mentioned above, for a Force you get a higher damage multiplier from your weapon's percent, so even if you have full Elemental Conversion and are matching Tech to the weapon's element, you are only getting a 10% damage multiplier with a 20% Psycho Wand, as opposed to 25% with a 50% one.

And for a Shooting Drive +0, with 20% element, it only has ~1353 RNG-Pwr for calculations, while a Nox Crahd +0 with 50% element would have ~1479 RNG-Pwr.

As for the Partizan, honestly, your biggest issue is just that you are using a subclass that has no damage multipliers that really benefit your main class.


Good info, thanks. Id still rather have a 50/60% wep, but the damage difference in your shooting drive example is lame on paper (before potential multipliers tho, as you stated).

My chars are the following and an idea of damage output:

  • Fo/Gu 75/55 - ex: 15/17k max damage with fully charged gizonde15, 1k rod. 10-13k foie, 1k rod. 20-35k ilfoie meteor. Basically, nothing close to bossing numbers i see online (25k- 100k attacks, wtf)

  • Hu/Te 75/55 - okay damage, 4-5k a normal attack with the big 13* badge sword. Wired lance normal attack: 2-4k,5/8k 4th hit in normal combo string.

  • Fi/Br 75/55 - its all over place, and i also use braver weps and sigma launcher for 3k a normal shot.

  • Gu/Bo 75/67 - 1100-1500 normal rifle shot; about 3k a hit with matrix spin. 1500-3k/normal shot from shooting drive.

For all of my skill charts, id rather just set it for max damage potential and thats it. At least one char i stopped spending points, becasue i coudlnt tell if the skills was worth it. (+5% cmonnnn)

Maybe this additonal info can give better sense of where my power issues are.

@ARKHAM-CANNON I know there is the whole "I want to play like I want, and I just want to have fun" thing to take into account, but it seems like a lot of your issues come from poor class combo choices and wanting to use weapons that don't belong to either your main or subclass.

Keep in mind that class Skill damage bonuses are multiplicative, so if you are taking Skills that give the same type of bonus you get a higher multiplier than you would think.

For example, the reason that you are seeing poor numbers for your Fo/Gu is that Gunner only has two multipliers that are of any benefit to your Techs, and only under the conditions that the enemy be juggled (which very few if any Techs can even cause, and is not applicable to any bosses) and that your HP be over 75% of your max (the only one that is going to be active most of the time); all other multipliers only apply to Ranged-type damage, which Techs do not cause, effectively meaning that you only can consistently get a 120% damage bonus for Techs.

This is in contrast to, say, Fo/Fi which has several high damage multipliers that apply to Techs: Valiant Stance (140% from Front/135% from Back), Valiant Stance Up (110% from Front), Wise Stance (135% from Back/130% from Front), Wise Stance Up (130% from Back), Tech Arts Perfect Bonus (115% for chaining different Techs in Perfect Attacks), and Extra Chaser Damage (115% on enemies with a Status Effect); the most common scenario would likely be just Valiant Stance, Valiant Stance Up, and Tech Arts Perfect Bonus being active, and from these you get a ~177% damage bonus (100%x140%x110%x115%).